Let me just start by saying I love my son very very much. However, I honestly dont know if I am going to make it through this whole terrible two thing! Aiden has always been a wonderful baby boy but it seems like every since he turned two everything has been out of control! I cant turn my head for two seconds or theres ravioli or God knows what all over the place!

        Does it ever end? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? And the bad thing is my fiance (Aidens father) always has to be the bad guy because I simply cant bring myself to discipline him. Its not that I dont want to teach Aiden right from wrong, its just that hes my baby and I hate to get after him because it breaks his heart and then breaks mine!

        I cant help but wonder at what age do children start to learn right from wrong? Is it too early to say at the age of 2? I dont know but Im hoping that he starts to learn soon because Im barely hanging on to my sanity! Anyone who has any advice feel free to comment, I promise you it will be greatly appreciated! Heres to hopeing that there is no such thing as terreble threes!



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snip snip!

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   So I dont know if Ive mentioned it yet but im a hairdresser. I  can honestly say I love my job! Not to sound mean but I usually look forward to going to work to get a break from home! If you have a 2 year old you know what I mean! The screaming,tantrums,diaper changes, and the oopsies!!!!

   I went to work this morning very calm and relaxed and ready to start the work day. Everything was going well the salon was very busy and I was making money which is always a great thing! Well, just as I thought the day was going great a father and his 4 year old walk in and the father says his son needs a haircut. The little boy immediately starts kicking and screaming! Now im usally pretty positive about children and their tantrums about haircuts so I voluntered to do the haircut.

   The father starts of by telling me that the little boy would sit on his lap while I cut his hair…I was fine with that. So I get the clippers out and the little boy starts screaming “no cut no cut!”  The father looks at me and says “he really is a good boy he just really hates getting his hair cut”so I continue to cut as the little boy spit,smacked and kicked me!

     It took me 30 min and the boy almost throwing up on me to finish what should have been a 10 minute haircut! Needless to say my routine break from the reality of my own house of tantrums and a screaming toddler didnt really happen today! Heres hopeing for a more sunny relaxing quite Sunday!

                                                                                                                typing from total chaos,


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What changed my life :)

           This is me of course! And my 2 yr old Aiden! I have to say I was always the girl who swore that she was never having children and would always be me myself and I! I never had patience and so I knew that if I ever had children I would go insane. Well the day I found out I was pregnant you can only imagine the horor!!! I bought 2 pregnancy test on the way home from hair school determined to prove to everyone around me that i was NOT pregnant! well….as you can tell I was very much pregnant! I immidiately called my sister! yes thats right not my boyfriend, not my mom! My sister. My younger sister at that. Like she would have all the right answers!

                   Well my sister arrived to me sitting on a toilet sorry (tmi) with 2 pregnancy test resting on the counter top! Did I mention I was sobbing?! I could only imagine the sight of this! My very calm sister…younger sister looked at me and said its ok…I then looked at her and said no it isnt, we are going to get another pregnancy test this cant possibly be right! So we did and as you guessed every 3 of the test where positive!

                        The next day I walked into the doctors office and begged them to see me! I just knew that they where going to tell me I was not pregnant and that my life as I knew it was not over! But no….my life as a mother was just beggining! The next 9 months as everyday went by I started to realize that my life was not over and that this was something I might love and enjoy! I started seeing everyone with their families and how happy they where and I knew then that this was something I could get used to! I started buying baby everything and when I found out I was having a little boy everything I bought was the bluest of blues!

                        well, 2 years later and everything around me is still blue! I love being a mother and I love everything that comes with it! The messes, the kisses, the tantrums…not so much, the little bitty clothes and socks, and of course everything that there is on the market that has to do with spongebob! And of course theres nothing in the world like those 2 little arms wrapping around you and giving you the best gift in the world…the love of your child!

                       So for those of you scared of having children, dont be! Its the best gift that God could give. The gift of life, love and joy! I could not imagine my life without Aiden in it now! Funny how I was saying the exact opposite two years ago. As im sitting here next to him peacefully sleeping I can’t help but wonder honestly what my life would be without him. Good night from a nice view of toys scattered all over and a peacefully sleeping baby! 🙂


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em>ok so today was april fools! i hope everyone had as much fun with it as I did! I got lucky this year didnt get anything pulled over on me but I did get my fiance pretty good! It was really pretty funny to me! All I did was tell him I was pregnant and he stopped everything he was doing and was like “how did that happen?” I was like well how do you think it happened?! He just acted so confused! I felt so bad for him I just had to tell him I was kidding and that it was April fools day! The rest of the day everytime he answered the phone he was like “im not falling for it so dont even try!” so i guess thats all the jokes I get to play on him…..for a little while anyways! 🙂

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Hello world!

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